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Phelsumin is a day gecko diet. A nectar and pollen powder specifically developed for Day Gecko (Phelsuma) species.

125g tub

New improved recipe

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Product Description

PHELSUMIN Nectar Powder is back in stock, now with a new improved recipe, developed by Phelsuma Farm, trialed and loved by our extensive collection of Phelsuma.

PHELSUMIN Nectar Powder is specifically developed for Phelsuma species, whose wild diets contain large quantities of flower pollen and nectar. Excessive ingestion of fruit sugars can cause dangerous build-ups of fatty deposits in the livers of day geckos; use this powder once or twice a week to replace one or two feedings of fruit.

New Recipe Improvements: The new recipe uses pollen powder instead of pollen grains to make consumption easier. Apple pectin powder has been used to make it bind better when mixed with water to produce a smoother paste. Pea protein and rice protein isolates have been added to provide an additional protein source (especially useful when live insects are not readily available). Phelsumin is not sold as a ‘complete diet’ as we believe that live insects (e.g. crickets) should be offered to stimulate their predatory hunting behaviors. New fruit flavours have been added including papaya powder, watermelon powder, mixed berry powder, and loquat powder (a fruit native to Madagascar).

Instructions: A quarter of a teaspoon mixes with a few ml of water in a clean soda bottle lid to form a paste or a thick drink like consistency (to the taste of your gecko). Phelsumin stays fresh and edible much longer than fruit, which rapidly ferments in the warmth of the vivarium (very useful for periods when you’re away). Calcium / vitamin dust can be mixed in, but the powder is nutritionally balanced as originally developed at Belgian zoos and research institutes.

Ingredients: Pollen, nectar, papaya powder, watermelon powder, loquat extract, mango seed extract, pomegranate powder, mixed red berry powder, spirulina, vanilla pod powder, natural sweeteners, pea protein isolate, rice protein isolate, calcium carbonate, coconut milk powder, apple pectin.

All from 100% natural sources.

125g tub

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Please note: It is not recommended to mix Phelsumin with other gecko diets as this product has been nutritionally balanced.

Please also note that if your day gecko has been accustomed to a different brand of gecko diet then it may take a short while before your day gecko readily takes to a new gecko diet. Geckos can be creatures of habit and a change in diet may take a little while to become accustomed to. You may need to experiment with different consistencies as we have observed different Phelsuma species enjoy Phelsumin of different consistencies.