Ambystoma mexicanum: AXOLOTL


UK Captive bred 2021

Current size 8-10cm
Adult size up to 30cm

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Captive bred UK 2021, young wildtype Axolotls.

Potential adult size: up to 30cm
Lifespan: Upwards of 15 years

Tap water should be treated with a water conditioner such as Exo Terra Aquatize to remove chemicals.

Ensure a water depth of 30cm+

Add a water filtration system to your aquarium.

An aquarium of at least 90cm in length and 45cm in height is recommended for adult Axolotls.

Axolotls do not require an additional heat source, room temperature is sufficient (16-22°C). Use an aquatic thermometer to check the water temperature.

Room lighting is sufficient, no additional lighting is required.

Substrate: aquarium sand or large pebbles

After setting up an aquarium for Axolotls you should leave the aquarium empty for a week or two and then test the water before introducing Axolotls.

Ideal levels are:

Ammonia: 0ppm (over 1ppm is deadly)
Nitrites: 0ppm (over 1ppm is deadly)
Nitrates: 20-40ppm (over 40ppm is toxic)
pH: 6 to 8

A 20% water change is required weekly.

Diet: Earthworms and bloodworms are preferred.