Arcadia Earth Pro Jellypot Gold

£6.49 £5.19


  • 5 types available
  • Dry powder
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • Natural ingredients

Product Description

Arcadia Reptile EarthPro-JellyPotGold is a revolutionary range of Nutritional treats and ‘gut-loading’ Jellies. As part of Arcadia’s dedication to improving animal welfare they have designed 5 dedicated wholefood DIY JellyPots for you to enjoy making up at home.

Shop bought, premade ‘JellyPots’ may be easy to use but they lack ‘wholefood’ nutrition and can become costly. They are lacking in nutrition, as they usually only contain water, colours, flavours and sugars.

Unlike many premade jellies the EarthPro-JellyPot Gold range uses very high quantities of whole fruits, honey, Bee Pollen, Insects and plants to ensure that your JellyPots are a nutritious as possible each and every time.

No artificial colours or flavours, just pure, wholesome goodness.

EarthPro-JellyPot Gold is available in five different kinds, each with its own unique recipe.

These pouches use 75% less plastic than the equivalent sized pot and are fully recyclable.