Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Lighting 22W


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The Arcadia Jungle Dawn is a full spectrum LED plant growth lamp with proven results. This energy efficient product emits light at 6.5k kelvin which is commonly thought of as the colour of natural sunlight.

The Arcadia Jungle Dawn has been specifically designed for explosive plant growth and great colour rendition of plants and animals in mind. Using a quality chip full of high grade LEDs set into a “Flood” design this lamp really does power light right into the depths of any planted terrarium where this light is required most and even through a mesh.

Arcadia Reptile is delighted to be able to offer a brand new and even more powerful version of our Jungle Dawn fitting.  At almost 30cm long and with a MASSIVE PAR of over 700 at 10cms from the unit this impressive LED bar will generate explosive plant growth rates on larger enclosures without compromise on the colour of light. The 22w Arcadia Jungle dawn keeps all of the useful features of its shorter cousins, 6500k Kelvin, E27 screw fitting, can be used anywhere in the world, 300 degree rotating fitting ring, internal ballast.  Jungle Dawn uses cutting edge LED tech to supply plants with all of the energy that they need for sustained growth from a full spectrum light source without reducing CRI or PAR with blue and red lamps. Arcadia Jungle Dawn can also be used to increase visible light levels in arid conditions and to increase the CRI of an well balanced system.