BEARDED DRAGON: Complete Starter Kit


Complete starter kit
Assembly available
Bearded dragon not included
Collection only


Phelsuma Farm is now offering complete starter kits for Bearded Dragons, one of our most popular pet reptiles, and especially suited to first time reptile keepers, young and old.

This complete starter kit is designed to house a Bearded Dragon from baby to adult size and consists of the very best products available to give your Bearded Dragon the best home and accessories to ensure it has a happy and healthy life.

Monkfield Wooden Vivarium (L122 x D61 x H61cm) – £172.48 RRP
available in Oak or Black – matching cabinets also available

Arcadia Pro Lamp Holder & Bracket – £17.99 RRP
Arcadia Heat Lamp Cage – £16.99 RRP
Arcadia Basking Spot Lamp 75W  – £3.99 RRP
Habistat Dimming Thermostat – £59.99 RRP
Digital Thermometer – £17.89 RRP

Arcadia Pro T5 Kit 14% UVB 24W – £64.99 RRP

Bearded Dragon Substrate 10kg – £13.99 RRP
Cork Bark Hide – £10.00 RRP

Water Dish – £5.80 RRP
Feeding Dish – £4.39 RRP
Arcadia Earth Pro Calcium Mg – £3.79 RRP
Arcadia Earth Pro A Vitamins & Minerals – £5.99 RRP
Arcadia Dragon Fuel – £9.99 RRP

Habistat Bactericidal Cleaner – £4.49 RRP

Total RRP = £412.76

Phelsuma Farm – Complete Bearded Dragon Starter Kit – £350
15% discount on RRP

Vivarium comes flat-packed.
We can assemble the vivarium and install the lighting and heating fixtures for an additional £10.

Collection from Phelsuma Farm only.