Black Fruit Fly (D.hydei) Go-Large (32oz tub)


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At 2-3mm, these Black Fruit Flies (Drosophila hydei) are ideal for adult Phelsuma species as well as frogs, lizards and inverts.

Produced by Advanced Husbandry, the leading fruit fly producer in the UK.

Fruit Fly Life Stage Definition:

  • New Culture = Freshly made
  • Intermediate = Visible maggots & possible casts
  • Mature = Many visible casts and possible adults flies emerging

What if the life stage you want is not in stock? 

We will try our best to provide you with a culture that matches your choice. However, occasionally ‘mature’ cultures are unavailable. Remember to plan your fruit fly orders to ensure that you always have a steady supply, as we cannot always guarantee adult flies on arrival.

How do I Maintain the Fruit Fly Culture? – Easy

Once you receive delivery of your new culture/s, all you have to do is place it somewhere at room temperature (20 to 22 Celsius). Sit back and wait for the flies to pupate and emerge as adults. The time period for the culture to develop, pupate and adults to emerge may vary depend upon the developmental stage of the culture and the ambient temperature. Generally D. hydei take about 3 weeks and D. melanogaster take about 2 weeks to complete their life stages (from egg to adult fly) at 20 to 24 Celsius.