Dendrobates tinctorius ‘azureus’: BLUE DART FROG


  • Temperature:
    • day: 72 – 77ºf
    • night :68 – 72ºf
  • Relative Humidity: 75 – 90%

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Routinely kept in Europe with small, peaceful Phelsuma that like high humidity – see general notes and species care sheets. Adults are large (for Dart Frogs) and a beautiful bright blue.

Recently incorporated into the D.tinctorius complex as a probable subspecies.

Dense plants are appreciated, along with sturdy thick branches and pieces of cork bark. They will occupy the ‘forest floor’, while the geckos live above, generally ignoring one another, though both are active during the day.

A small, shallow water dish is all they need – they don’t swim well (and nor do the Phelsuma, if kept together). Spray daily.

Keep them in small ‘reverse’ harems (females more aggressive than males) or compatible pairs.

TINY food insects (pinheads, fruitflies) MUST be available daily.

(Other suitable dart frogs to keep with Phelsuma include D.tinctorius and Phyllobates terribillis – these will accept larger food, like that of the geckos, but you’ll need plenty of it!)

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