Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit Small

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Product Description

The Exo Terra Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit is a combination of a Natural Terrarium with a brand new and carefully researched bamboo ornament and background and will provide the ideal micro habitat for relevant reptiles and amphibians found in this forest environment.

This kit will allow you the successful keeping of many species. The special bamboo ornament in this kit ensures that the reptiles and amphibians housed in this kit have secure hiding places, a food station and always water available in the numerous cavities incorporated in this very specific ornament.

The kit includes:

  • Glass Terrarium
  • Compact Top (lamps not included)
  • 3-D Bamboo Background
  • Bamboo Decor Unit (with feeding and watering stations)
  • Moss Mat
  • Dial Thermometer and Hygrometer
  • Exo Terra Catalogue

Available in Small (30x30x45cm) and Large (45x45x60cm) sizes.