Garter & Water Snakes (AVS)


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Author David Perlowin states his purpose in writing this guide, “This book is intended to inform beginning and experienced hobbyists about selection, proper housing, feeding, general maintenance, and breeding of…” garter snakes and water snakes. Since these snakes are inexpensive and docile, they are commonly the first choice of young hobbyists (aka children). Perlowin’s commonsense advice can help beginners decide whether or not these snakes are the right pets for them and their families. Garter and Water Snakes offers information on a number of selected species to assist keepers in the proper care of their chosen snakes, From the genus Thamnophis, the author covers Butler’s garter snake, aquatic garter snake, black-necked garter snake, western terrestrial garter snake, checkered garter snake, Plains garter snake, common garter snake, western ribbon snake, and eastern ribbon snake. From the genus Nerodia, American water snakesalt marsh snake, green water snake, plainbelly water snake, southern water snake, diamondback water snake, northern water snake, brown water snake, and Oriental garter snake.

This Advanced Vivarium Systems title includes information about selecting and purchasing a healthy water or garter snake, housing and maintenance needs, feeding, handling, breeding, and health care. A separate chapter on diseases and disorders provides a complete primer on health needs and veterinary care. Resources and index included.

Author: David Perlowin

Paperback: 88 pages

Publisher: Advanced Vivarium Systems 2005

Language: English