Geckos (AVS)


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Editor Julie Bergman states in her introduction to Geckos that the purpose of this book is “to provide the reader with a straightforward, practical source of information on selecting and keeping geckos.” Her colorful guide achieves that aim and more, as it offers an authoritative overview of the many geckos available today, including the extremely popular leopard gecko and crested gecko as well as various day geckos, Madagascan geckos, new Caledonian geckos, micro-geckos, and tokay geckos.

For their amazing colors, interesting behaviors, longevity, and attractive appearance, geckos are favored by beginning hobbyists. Colorfully illustrated, Geckos provides guidelines for keepers who wish to add a gecko to their vivarium and maintain their pet in excellent health and condition. The editor provides an introduction to gecko characteristics including size, feet, eyes, color and pattern, scales, shedding, reproduction, tail, sexing and activity, to help beginners better understand the anatomy and behavior of these fascinating lizards.

This Advanced Vivarium Systems title includes information about selecting a healthy gecko, handling, housing needs, water and feeding requirements. A separate chapter “Keeping Geckos Healthy” provides a complete primer on the health needs and veterinary care of these rewarding reptiles, including quarantine and acclimation considerations, stress, parasites, and specific disorders.

Author: Julie Bergman

Paperback: 159 pages

Publisher: i5 Publishing (1 Aug. 2006)

Language: English