HabiStat Digital Temperature Thermostat, Day/Night + Timer


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HabiStat Digital Temperature Thermostat features a continual readout of current temperature and time.

On/Off temperature cycle adjustable between 0.1°c and 5°c. Temperature set at midway point. Coloured Icon flashes to indicate function presently in use.

Separate timed circuit to turn separate heaters, lighting, fans or spray systems on twice and off twice in 24 hour period.

Waterproof, 3 metre long, low voltage sensor.

Adjustable alarm function to give visual and audible warning when temperature goes above or below set temperature parameters. Alarm can be disabled if not required.

Both upper and lower temperature limits can be set. Comes with preset parameters, so can just be plugged in and used if required.

Can be used in heat mode or cool mode to control heaters or fans. Will not lose memory settings if power is disconnected.

Measures to 0.1°c.

Easy to set and use.

Maximum 600 watts.

12 months guarantee.