• Temperature:
    • Day: 65-78ºF / 18-25ºC + low wattage basking spot
    • Night: 55-65ºF / 13-18ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 60-90%

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Product Description

These hardy tree frogs do best housed outdoors in well-ventilated greenhouses or screened enclosures, but ensure they are escape proof! (You can be prosecuted for releasing non-native species into the UK). They will hibernate under such conditions if provided with a large container full of moss, leaves or such.

When housed indoors, a large (45 x 45 x 60cm minimum) Exoterra or other glass vivarium is required – these frogs are small but active, jumping long distances. They will damage their snouts in tanks too small. Place the viv out of direct sunlight in a cool room – no extra heating is generally required. UVB light is beneficial – these frogs rest out in the open and are naturally exposed to sunlight. They’ll even ‘bask’ under a gentle (40w) lamp if one is placed over one corner of the tank by day.

Dense, broad-leafed foliage is appreciated, along with sturdy thick branches and pieces of cork bark. Plastic plants are fine and easy to keep clean, but if you choose live plants pot them for ease of removal to clean and rotate weekly with another plant kept on a window sill.

A small, shallow water dish is all Hyla need – they don’t swim especially well. Spray daily.

Feed appropriately sized insects (crickets typically) according to the frog’s age – froglets take fruit flies, while adults greedily take adult crickets.

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