JBL LUW Tempset Metal halide kit 70W

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Ballast and bulb holder kit for metal halide bulbs 70W.

Bulbs sold separately.

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Product Description

Our JBL range of products produce very high quality multi-spectrum / high UV light output at economical wattages.

Special electronic control gears, cables and high-temperature sockets are required for the L-U-W ReptilJungle and ReptilDesert metal halide lamps. They work with extremely high ignition voltage and high temperatures (the sockets of the JBL L-U-W TempSets are produced from former SpaceShuttle material proven to tolerate the high temperatures).

JBL’S new L-U-W lamps excel by providing three essentials in one product: light, UV and heat. The sun-simulating full spectrum output contains high levels of UV-A and B, plus heat radiation. By contrast with lamps that only provide heat, this lamp resembles natural light in that the visible light is associated with heat, prompting animals to seek precisely this light source. The new JBL L-U-W lamps come in two different versions: JBL ReptilJungle L-U-W, which has 4000 °K and is designed for rainforest animals with a slightly lower UV requirement, and the JBL ReptilDesert L-U-W, which has 6000 °K and is designed for sun-seeking desert inhabitants. Both versions are available in 35 watts and 70 watts sizes.