JBL ReptilDesert LUW Bulb 35W

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Desert species metal halide bulb 35W

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Product Description

These LUW bulbs are long-life metal halide lights specifically developed for desert reptiles. At 35w power consumption, these bulbs will produce equivalent heat and superior UV output to most mercury vapour daylight bulbs twice their wattage, making them much more economical to run long term. Their life expectancy also exceeds typical daylight spotlights; they only need replacing every 18 months or so (compared to annually with most spotlights). Their powerful UV radiation will also penetrate much further down from above, providing a higher intensity full spectrum light at an increased distance from the bulb. In our experience, the initial outlay for the ballast required is quickly offset by savings in running costs, making this by far best product on the market to provide a basking source for high-UV demanding species such as Bearded Dragons, Uromastix and Tortoises in medium vivariums.
  • The all-in-one solution: Provides light + UV + Heat for desert terrariums.
  • All-day lighting with 6000 K for 10 – 12 h daily.
  • Full-spectrum light with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 98.
  • Requires a special electronic ballast (e.g. JBL TempSet LUW) suited to bulb wattage.
  • Can be mounted inside or outside the vivarium, preferably with a reflector (e.g. JBL TempProtect).