RS Calcium Ultra 280g



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Reptile Systems Calcium Ultra is a high-grade bio available calcium supplement with magnesium and is suitable for reptiles, amphibians and other animals that require extra calcium in their diet. Essential for strong shell and bone growth, muscle function and many other important bodily functions and a dietary must have, if you wish to avoid problems such as Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD) and other hypocalcemia related issues. Our ultra-fine powder adheres to feeder insects or can be sprinkled on appropriate food items to raise their nutritional content. Calcium Ultra is also phosphorus free. 

So how does high quality Calcium Ultra naturally build strong bones in captive reptiles? 

Modern reptile keeping is about learning from nature and putting these practices into play in our animals’ enclosures. We have seen bio active and magnificently planted environments come back into fashion as we endeavor to provide the best possible care for our pets.
We are all aware that reptiles use the sun in the wild to enable them to function, where it provides visible light, heat, and ultraviolet light. Reptiles kept indoors need those exact parameters to flourish just as much as their wild counterparts. Reptiles cannot absorb calcium from food efficiently without the hormone active vitamin D; also known as the more familiar vitamin D3. Using one of our UV lighting systems, UVB is light absorbed through the skin which helps animals convert inactive vitamin D to active vitamin D3. Without sufficient warmth and UVB exposure, pet reptiles can be deficient in vitamin D3 and therefore deficient in calcium. By using Reptile Systems UV lighting products and Calcium Ultra every third feed, it will enable your reptile to build strong bones along with many other physiological benefits. We strongly believe in this effort to recreate a natural, self-regulating way to absorb calcium into the diet and do not advocate the use of artificial D3 in our supplements.
This is where the other two products in the range, Vit A Min and Insect Food plug the gaps in the captive diet. When used in conjunction with suitable lighting and heating products this should fulfil the needs of your pet.
Reptile Systems Calcium Ultra is an ultra-fine powder that is free from impurities, highly bio available and phosphorus free. It combines high grade calcium carbonate, along with magnesium carbonate and a natural attractant to provide a superior calcium supplement.