Testudo horsfieldii: HORSFIELD TORTOISE



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These are baby Horsfield Tortoises (also known as Russian Tortoises).

Adult males can measure up to 16cm long and adult females can measure up to 20cm long.

A vegetarian species that should be fed on a herbivorous and high fibre diet. Dandelions, clover, sow thistle, plantain, watercress, romaine lettuce, rocket can be offered as food. The majority should be a green leafy diet.

Lifespan: Upwards of 75 years

Basking area temperature: 30°C to 32°C
Cool end: 25°C

Heating should be provided with a 100W heat bulb or mercury vapour bulb.

If using a basking heat light you should use a dimming thermostat to achieve the correct basking temperature.

If you are using a mercury vapour bulb then you will have to position the bulb holder/dome at the appropriate height to achieve the correct basking temperature as these bulbs should not be used with a thermostat due to their design. Mercury vapour bulbs are often used because they are a good ‘all-in-one’ bulb, providing UVA, UVB, heat and light. However, they are limited by the fact that you should not use them with a thermostat. This means you have less control over the basking temperatures and could potentially lead to over heating on especially hot days of the year.

Lighting: UVB light must be provided with a UVI 3-4
This can be achieved by using either an Arcadia T8 D3+ Desert 12% UVB tube or Arcadia T5 D3 Forest 6% UVB at a height of 30-40cm from the tortoise. Or if the light is mounted higher than this, from 40-60cm above the tortoise then an Arcadia T5 D3+ Desert 12% UVB will be most suitable.

A day/night cycle of 12 hours on / 12 hours off should be maintained. A timer can be used to ensure the day/night cycle is consistent day to day.

Substrate: Top soil and coir are suitable substrates. Avoid any substrates that contain small lumps of calcium or sand.

Food should be supplemented with a good calcium and multivitamin powder. Cuttle fish bone should be provided to increase calcium intake and help to trim the beak.

Hibernation: We advise you seek veterinary guidance regarding the preparation and procedures for hibernating your tortoise.

Starter Kits

We offer Habistat Tortoise Tables, Habistat Tortoise Table Accessory Kits, and cabinets. We also offer upgrades to this kit, such as swapping the Arcadia D3 Mercury Vapour Basking Lamp for an Arcadia Halogen 100W with a Habistat Dimming Thermostat and an Arcadia ProT5 UVB 6% 24W Kit.