Theloderma corticale: Vietnamese Mossy Frog


  • Temperature:
    • Day: 65-75ºF / 18-24ºC
    • Night: 60-68ºF / 16-20ºC
  • Relative Humidity: 75-100% (semi-aquatic)

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Product Description

These medium sized (6 – 8cm) semi-aquatic ‘tree frogs’ boast incredible cryptic camouflage, their skin the mottled colour and, due to the knobbly skin folds, texture of moss. They were relatively recently discovered, in the last 20 years or so, at relatively high elevations in their native Vietnam, reportedly in the basements of houses exposed by the draining of a reservoir. This gives an idea of their natural environment to which they are adapted; caves and densely rubbled water holes.
Subsequently, their captive requirements can be relatively simply met; low lighting, shallow flooded base water section and a jumble of cork bark or similar. No supplemental heating is required if maintained in a regular centrally-heated room. This can be achieved in a ‘naturalistic’ setting in a glass vivarium around 45 x 45 x 60cm (LxWxH) or in a more ‘basic’ bare set-up with a couple of inches of water and an up-turned flower pot or such.
(Plastic containers are sometimes used with amphibians, but caution must be exercised that they don’t leach chemicals into the water, especially exposed to UV light).
Youngsters start feeding on size 2 crickets, progressing to adult crickets and such when fully grown. They are best fed in the evening or night, when they are most active.
This species of Theloderma (there are some 10 or so across South-East Asia) are very difficult to sex, even as adults. Females are slightly larger, the nuptial pads on the males’ thumbs slightly darker (both sexes have them). The best strategy, if intending to breed them, is to buy a group of 5 or more to try to establish sex as adults, then source some unrelated specimens of the appropriate sex.

As a result the sex of any animals sold by Phelsuma Farm cannot be guaranteed.

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