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Phelsuma Farm specialises in captive bred Day Geckos, breeding most species of Phelsuma for over 30 years, since 1988 when Phelsuma Farm was originally founded by Toby Mace. In April 2015 Phelsuma Farm changed hands and Simon Prentice became the new ‘Phelsuma Farmer’. Simon has continued the Phelsuma Farm tradition of breeding a variety of Day Gecko species, offering a range of specialist equipment from our online shop, offering guidance and advice, and supporting the day gecko community.

Phelsuma Farm is now located at Ilton Business Park in Ilton, Somerset, England. The farm has also previously been located in Glastonbury, near Eastbourne, and originally at a tropical facility in North London.

The day geckos at Phelsuma Farm live in custom built vivaria designed to the Phelsuma Farmer’s specifications, the product of many years of experience keeping these lizards. Specialised lighting and heating equipment, reverse osmosis water filtering and automated misting systems are used to keep the animals in optimum conditions.

Update – Phelsuma Farm has been awarded the 4 star Higher Standards Animal Activities License in July 2019. This is the highest rating we could have achieved as new license holders under the new UK legislation, and we are now working towards opening our doors to the public for the first time in the 30 year history of Phelsuma Farm.

Phelsuma Farm is currently working with the following species:

Phelsuma abbotti chekei – Abbott’s Day Gecko
Phelsuma cepediana – Mauritian Blue-Tailed Day Gecko
Phelsuma grandis – Giant Madagascar Day Gecko
Phelsuma guimbeaui – Mauritian Lowland Forest Day Gecko
Phelsuma klemmeri – Neon Day Gecko
Phelsuma laticauda – Gold Dust Day Gecko
Phelsuma lineata bombetokensis – Lined Day Gecko ssp.
Phelsuma ornata – Ornate Day Gecko
Phelsuma quadriocellata – Peacock Day Gecko
Phelsuma robertmertensi – Robert Mertens’ Day Gecko
Lygodactylus williamsi – Electric Blue Day Geckos

Mniarogekko chahoua – Mossy Geckos
Rhacodactylus auriculatus – Gargoyle Gecko
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus – African Fat-Tail Geckos
Underwoodisaurus milii – Barking Gecko

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