Buying a Gecko from Phelsuma Farm

We thought it might simplify things if we put together a step-by-step guide to purchasing a gecko from Phelsuma Farm.

It’s not possible to click and buy animals on the online store as it is important to discuss the purchase before confirming your order.

Prices stated on the website are a guide price. Prices may vary depending on age, sex, availability.

So this is how it works:

First, please read the information on the Phelsuma Farm website, particularly the pages on species specific care of day geckos as well as general care information.

Send us an email or Facebook message and tell us:

The species you are interested in
How many, what age, what sex do you want
Where you are based, so we can discuss delivery
When you will be ready to receive your geckos
A bit about your interest in day geckos and relative experience
Any other information, e.g. if the geckos are for breeding or display
If you require any equipment or advise on setting up your vivarium

We’ll get back to you and let you know if we have what you are requesting available and the price for the gecko(s).

There is a really strong demand for Phelsuma and Lygodactylus species at the moment. We strive to produce enough day geckos for all enquiries but availability can vary in and out of season. There is also a waiting list for some of the more popular species so we can discuss a likely time scale for getting your geckos to you.

We are unable to provide photos for all available animals as it is hugely time consuming and often difficult to capture photos of some Phelsuma species. Most Phelsuma species are almost carbon copies of each other and so there isn’t a need for photos of individual animals. Where there is differentiation of patterning or appearance of animals then photos can be provided but please be patient.

If the geckos you have requested are available then we can agree the price and delivery details.

You may be able to pay a 20% deposit to reserve geckos if you need time to prepare the vivarium.

Payment can be by bank transfer or by Paypal.

Delivery can then be booked and confirmed when payment has been received in full.

Delivery is in person for the cost of travel if you are within a reasonable distance of Glastonbury, Somerset.

If you are further afield then delivery will be by licensed animal courier. This typically costs £45-55, depending on your location. The courier only covers England, Wales and Scotland. Courier runs usually operate every fortnight. You will need to be at home to receive the geckos.

Collection from Phelsuma Farm is not possible due to insurance stipulations.

All animals are guaranteed healthy at time of despatch.

Terms & conditions

Please also refer to the terms & conditions.

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